Super Bowl! Super Chili! Super Sous-Chef!


Total Coloradan moment here… go Broncos!  One of my children currently has his face painted half blue and half orange.  He looks like he belongs in a Scottish rebellion, screaming and weilding a mace (I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds “period”).  And somehow he thinks this face paint is going to make it through a night’s sleep, through church (!), and until tomorrow evening for the big game.  We shall see.  I’ll fight the good fight over a clean face for church in the morning–though quite honestly, I’m not sure I have it in me.

The small one and I have been busy cooking up massive amounts of chili to donate for fund raising, of course saving enough for our own super.  This small child was up out of bed before anyone today and promptly plunked his butt in front of the tv where he has been playing Wii Lego Star Wars as much as we will allow him.  In his defense, it is snowing out, very cold, and his brothers are off doing other things.  I have made it somewhat of a mission to get him away from the Wii because the mom-guilt sector of my brain is envisioning large chunks of his brain turning into mush from the lack of frontal lobe use.  

I did get him away to clean up his room, with some help from me, which was quite productive.  Then we went to the kitchen to get cooking.  On a whim, I decided to see if he can peel carrots.  Success!  I never expected him to be able to wield a vegetable peeler, but it worked.  In full disclosure, my older two have never peeled a vegetable, but their 5 year old brother can now whoop them in a veggie peeling showdown (should that ever occur).  Other great jobs for my small one included rinsing quinoa, rinsing beans, stirring the stock pots, and chopping small amounts of veggies (we have a safety knife, it is basically totally dull and I’m not real sure how it is able to chop anything).

This is my favorite chili recipe, and I may have already linked to it but if so who cares, it bears repeating.  If you double it, be warned, it makes A LOT.  When I double it, I use my two largest stock pots and cook it separately, because to put it all in one pot probably wouldn’t fit unless you have a REALLY large stock pot, and I think it would splatter everywhere.

Two Peas and Their Pod’s Quinoa Chili Recipe (Vegan)


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  1. I made this chili tonight and it was yummy! Topped with cilantro and green onions. Thanks for the recipe. Too bad about the Broncos 😦

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