New Blender’s Maiden Voyages


I am the happy recipient of a new Blendtec blender! Yeah me! Yeah birthdays! Plus it is always a joyous occasion to celebrate my 28th birthday, again… 😉

This blender was a major splurge but the timing was perfect. My old $30 blender had a bad seal and was leaking almond milk on the counter when I made my smoothies, and it looked like nasty stuff was growing in the base of it. Adding B12 to your diet may be important but I am pretty sure THAT is not the best way to get it! So I did a little research (ie hit the inter-tubes and quizzed my facebook friends). The VitaMix and Blendtec both seemed to have everything I would need, and the Blendtec won me on the twister jar (homemade almond butter, I’m looking at you right now) and the $100+ lower price tag.

blender recipes

The first concoction to grace my new blender was a strawberry-pineapple-coconut sorbet. MMMMM. Even my “I don’t eat milk that’s not from a cow” child ate it up. Since I was experimenting with the blender, I wasn’t measuring out ingredients, but I think it was about a cup of frozen strawberries, a cup of frozen pineapple chunks, and coconut milk–probably close to a cup, but I just poured it in as I blended until it hit the right consistency. This came out of the blender the consistency of sorbet, and while you might be able to do something similar in the food processor, I didn’t have to scrape down the sides or deal with a messy clean up project.

This morning I made a pineapple-carrot–ginger green smoothie. I never could have done carrots with the old blender. In went 3/4 C almond milk, 2 leaves worth of kale, 1 T chia seeds, about a 1/4″ slice of ginger, a handful of baby carrots and frozen pineapple, one banana, and a good handful of ice cubes. I first ran it on ice crusher, then ran it on smoothie. I am used to green smoothies getting stuck in my straw, but this was as smooth as the ones from the smoothie counters. For kids who are “used to” the idea of a green smoothie, this is also an easy way to sneak in extra vegetables. I really couldn’t taste the carrots but it was nice to have 4+ servings of fruits and veggies before 9 am!

Finally, I made a dressing for my salad at lunch that came out a lovely shade of pink. I’m calling it Pomegranate and Lime dressing. Pop in 1/3 C each raw cashews, pomegranate seeds, and apple cider vinegar, 2/3 C water, the juice of 1 lime, 1 t soy sauce, and about an 1/8″ thick slice of ginger. Whiz it up. Be sure to check that the pomegranate seeds are good and pulverized, and if you can plan ahead and soak the cashews you may have a slightly creamier dressing.

So what should I make next?


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