Creamy Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut, Lime and Ginger


The tastes of fall… with a little hint of the islands… and (shh, here’s the big secret) you make it in your pressure cooker! You’ll be eating fall in the islands without tending to a hot stove all evening. Truth be told, this is the first time I’ve used my pressure cooker for anything other than cooking dried beans. I had it out tonight for just that reason–to cook up some garbanzo beans, which came out great on high pressure for 35 minutes without pre-soaking. Since I already had the cooker out, and had been toying with making some kind of butternut/coconut soup, I googled around for a recipe as a starting point and took it from there. I started with this recipe from hip pressure cooking:

I only had a red onion, so in it went. The recipe came together easily, and after 15 minutes of steaming away it was ready to blend with my immersion blender. Here’s what I changed… I added the zest and juice of one lime and a can (14 ounces or so) of lite coconut milk after I blended it. This made it creamy and the lime brightens up the flavors. Plus it will keep you from getting scurvy. Don’t underestimate scurvy.

Now, being that I’m NOT a food stylist, and blended butternut squash soup does not make a terribly striking picture, I’m not including a photo, but believe me, this is delicious. Sprinkling on pumpkin seeds and maybe a little lime zest in each bowl would make it fancier, or you could try plating it and then drizzling on the coconut milk to swirl into each serving if you want it super chic. I don’t care about looks, I just wanted to eat it up. After a week of very bland food (which is a story for another day), this made a delicious and very interestingly flavored meal for moi. Enjoy!

I’ve got to use my pressure cooker for more soups… this could be as big of a life saver as the slow cooker. Which seems ironic. What are your favorite pressure cooker recipes?


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