A winner and an Awesome Potato Salad Link!


Judy B you are my happy starbucks gift card winner!  I will get it to you in person some time soon (maybe I will take you out for coffee instead). I am so glad you won!  Thanks to everyone who entered!  Wish I had lots of gift cards to give to everyone!

I have been cracking up lately over Thug Kitchen.  My husband is quite amused that I am so easily amused by potty mouthed cooking.  So be warned, if you are easily offended by colorful language, don’t go following my links.  If you find the idea of someone getting all up in your grill with vegan food and a mouth to make a sailor blush, then click away.

Tonight I made his Fresh Herb Potato Salad (aka Badass Potato Salad).  It was delish!  I made a few changes.  The 1/4 cup of olive oil was a bit more than I wanted.  I left it out, threw the dressing ingredients in my blender, and subbed in cashews and water for the oil.  I took a 1/3 C measuring cup, filled it with raw cashews, then filled it up with water if that makes sense.  I don’t know how much water it was, but together it was 1/3 cup nuts and water.  This made a nice creamy dressing without adding straight out oil.  I also used some parsley instead of dill, but fortunately it is chive season and I had lots of fresh chives in my garden that took on a starring role in this salad.  I also bought some organic fingerling potatoes on sale (score!) that were a mix of red, white, and yellow, which made for a pretty salad.  I would easily make this again, but I think if I brought it to a potluck I would opt for the olive oil instead of the cashews because so many people seem to have nut allergies these days.  😦 

Here’s the recipe and don’t get all touchy with me if you don’t like the language.  And don’t dis your tubers, please stay away from that nasty jarred mayo.  Ick.  We’ve had an ongoing debate about that in my house–I think mayo is disgusting and always have, I am a Miracle Whip girl (or at least I was… no idea if that is vegan but can’t imagine it is good for you), while my hubby prefers real “mayo.”  Ick ick ick.  Nasty.



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  1. Loving the Thug Kitchen! Thanks for the link. It’s cracking me up, too. I wanna try the Blackberry Bourbon Fizz. YUM! Maybe after the badass potato salad?

  2. yes, I saw that one too and thought it looked yummy! Something so hysterical about a guy being badass about cooking vegan. We need to plan a BBQ with fancypants drinks.

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