Who’s in the Mood for Free Starbucks?



Did I have you at free, or at Starbucks?

No joking around, I have a $5 gift card that could soon be on it’s way to you. 

I’ve been enjoying writing this blog and hearing the supportive feedback from folks.  I’d love to spread the word farther.  While my blog has focused mostly on recipes up to this point, I have lots of more philosophical ramblings and helpful stress reducing ideas that I would like to share.  Sharing the recipes I make is easy peasy.  Sharing more in depth matters takes more time and emotional energy, and I know having a larger readership would help to motivate me to put the work in.

So here’s where you (and that free coffee) come in.  Spread the word, share the love, drink the coffee.  You can get your name entered multiple times.  Use the handy dandy tool below and enter away as you dream of that creamy decaf soy latte (don’t worry, I won’t order for you so if you get a mochacino with extra whipped cream, I won’t tell, but your arteries will know!). This giveaway is being handled automatically through Giveaway Tools… their winner selection is final. I will contact the winner to request a snail-mail address to mail your gift card, so no need to leave your address now. Click on the Entry-form link below to get started! Good luck and thanks for sharing the love!


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