Grilled Veggie Sammich


Sometimes you’re not in the mood for a delicate salad. You need something more. You’re thinking of the soup that you eat with a fork, right? Or a manwich. Today I busted my tush working on something that I left till the last minute waited to do until inspiration struck. So by the time lunch rolled around, I was hungry. Like big sandwich hungry.

I haven’t been eating bread that often since I started Eat to Live. I mean really, without the butter, what’s the point? And I want to save up those carbs for when I really need them–usually super time. But I do have a stash of organic super whole grain bread that I keep in the freezer. Sometimes you just need some toast, topped with peanut butter. Or even plain. Just a little something extra.

So today I needed that toast, and some. I toasted up two pieces of whole grain bread. Topped one with about a tablespoon of hummus. Added about two romaine leaves. Then piled on a bunch of grilled veggies. We cooked them on the grill over the weekend in a grill basket, but you could easily cook them in a grill pan on the stove. Our blend contained mushrooms, eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini, red onions, and red bell peppers. The grill basket/pan that we have has fairly small holes in it so we can chop things down to a manageable sandwich filling size, but you could always grill large pieces and chop them later. On top of the pile of grilled veggies, I added some lentil sprouts (more on those later! you can make them yourself, I promise!) and then my second slice of toast.


Picture doesn’t do it any justice. But it was yummy, trust me.

What healthy food fills you up when you need a little more?


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    • You make them… super easy… buy a bag of lentils to start, and a quart size mason jar with a ring lid and some cheesecloth are helpful but not essential. I will try and post the instructions soon, or email me if you are in a hurry!

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