Forgive my Absence with these Carrot Cake Cookies!


Seems life has gotten busy suddenly. Ok, not really suddenly. But busy, yes. Seems April is the new May. May used to be the time when end of school year projects and celebrations, spring sports, choir concerts and musical recitals all collided. Now it’s happening in May. Two of my kids are in soccer–translation, four practices and two games a week. Plus choir practice, piano and guitar lessons, cub scouts and boy scouts. And for me, getting healthier this winter/spring translates into more time out running and playing tennis. Instead of continuing to whine about being busy, I’m going to take a moment and be so GRATEFUL that we have these opportunities–healthy children, a fabulous fun community to live in, options for how we spend our free time, great adults volunteering their time as soccer coaches and scout leaders, and financial resources to enable us to participate. Life is truly good!


But of course there are limits on my time, and in fact right now I am realizing that I only have 40 minutes to get ready for a rare night on the town and here I am, sitting on my butt in sweaty work out clothes, typing away to all of you. While I love you all, I am not going to have time to post this delicious carrot cake cookie recipe. It is one of my favorites. So I’ll share a picture as a tease and I PROMISE to post the recipe very soon, hopefully tomorrow! Here it is. While you drool over it (be sure to wipe your keyboard clean when you’re done), think about all the things you have to be grateful for!
carrot cake cookies
Don’t they look delicious?


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