Healthy Eating on the Road


I had done it. I committed to eating healthier. I started before the holidays and cruised into a new year feeling good about my commitment to health. I lost weight and my clothes fit me better. Then–BAM–I had to go out-of-town unexpectedly without much notice. Panic set in. I could manage eating healthy, unprocessed foods when I have my own kitchen and my routine going, but doing it on the fly was a whole different affair. It is always hard to eat healthy when you have to fly and eat in restaurants or at other people’s homes, but eating vegan in these places is a bigger challenge. So here was my survival strategy for flying: I packed a lot of food. Yes, you can take food on planes, just not liquids or gels that are bigger than regulations.

For that first trip, I packed some zucchini-carrot muffins made with almond pulp in place of some of the flour for extra protein. I brought a big salad I would eat for lunch on the plane. And I brought a mixture of chickpeas and cooked red peppers in an Asian inspired sauce. This was all before I started this blog so I do not have any recipes to share. I also packed some fruit and a bag of baby carrots and snap peas to munch on. The food I brought easily got me through my first day of flying with leftovers. When I arrived, I enjoyed a few meals with family, eating mostly salad and veggie side dishes. I had access to a kitchen and shopped for some veggies, fruit, and humus to get me through the rest of the meals, augmented by my ample supply of muffins. On the way home, I packed up my leftovers to snack on during the travel day, and had a bowl of vegan vegetable soup from a restaurant in my layover airport (if I were 10 years younger I would remember the name of the restaurant, but alas I am not). It all worked out.

healthy lunch to go

More recently, I’ve gone on a couple of day trips with the hubs. Planning ahead and packing a picnic style lunch and snacks helped us eat healthy on the road and save cash. I recently found this folding divided lunch keeper (made by Sistema) on sale and snatched it up. It works great with a salad on one side. On the divided side, I put a little tub of homemade salad dressing (not in the picture), fresh fruit, and cut up veggies. We also packed wraps–whole wheat tortillas with stir fried eggplant, red pepper, red onion, and chickpeas one day, whole wheat tortillas stuffed with stir fried fajita style veggies and guacamole the other day. We brought fresh fruit both days for a late day snack, as well as more homemade muffins one day and homemade trail mix the other day. Despite full days of activity (skiing) and fresh air, I was not hungry at all.

healthy salad and wrap to go

So how do you eat healthy on the go? Share your favorite tips in the comments below!


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