Pepper Nachos!


Yesterday I shared my stuffed peppers. Now take that leftover filling and make some yummy appetizer sized pepper nachos–great to share or just eat them all yourself (like I did, don’t tell). I picked up a bag of mini sweet peppers to try out. They are great on their own but work splendidly stuffed, topped with your favorite nacho toppings, and heated.

pepper nachos

You can probably figure out how to make them from the picture. Take the mini peppers, slice them from stem end to bottom, and scoop out any seeds or membrane. Place them on your plate and fill with a spoonful of stuffed pepper filling. Top with your favorite nacho toppings–I used salsa and cashew cheese–and heat in the microwave for about a minute or so. Top with guacamole if desired and enjoy!


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    • Judy it isn’t hard… I will share. My problem is, I made a big batch around the holidays and froze it, so I haven’t had to make it since and still have a bunch in the freezer… and I can’t remember which recipe I used. So I need to make it again and share the results of an actual recipe before I can recommend one!

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