Time to unplug


National day of unplugging begins tomorrow, March 1, at sundown and lasts until March 2 at sundown. Are you joining me?

To prepare for this, I asked the kids to think about some of their favorite activities that do not involve electronics. I’m defining electronics as basically any electronic entertainment. For me that also involves my cell phone. I do use my cell phone for work emergencies, so I am going to set a couple of times during the day to only check it quickly to make sure I don’t have any messages. I think we can each decide how much we want to unplug. But going without checking my phone at all, or carrying it around with me, for several hours at time will be a huge change for me. Not checking email and facebook every 15 minutes–pathetic, right–will be earth shattering.

I may be in the corner, hugging knees to chest, rocking back and forth and muttering by sundown. I’ll check in and let you know once it is safe to touch the computer again!


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