National Day of Unplugging March 1-2


It’s getting worse. Daily I feel the pull on me increasing. That darned iphone. When I first bought it a little under two years ago, it was a treat, a luxury, an upgrade from my no-data-plan palm phone (which was also my scheduler and worked great). Now I am hyper-connected through my iphone. Facebook, email, the web, games, calendar, maps, passcodes to everything I know–all safely travel around with me in my pocket. Do we need such quick access to information? What happened to, “Let me check my schedule and call you back.” Or, “That sounds like something to research.” Well just whip that handy phone out of your pocket and you have it all there in front of you. Maybe not such a good thing. Undoubtedly contributing to our sense of frenzy and hurriedness.

I’ve become so that I have mini panic attacks when I can’t find my phone. It is the connection to my business so there is some reality to that, but really, why should my business have access to ME 24/7/365? Isn’t that too much? While the days of secretaries and answering services predates my entry into the working world, sometimes I think I’d really like those.

So enter the National Day of Unplugging. The concept is simple–unplug from sundown on March 1 (a Friday, so don’t get all “but my work needs me” freaked out on me folks) until sundown on March 2. No tv, computer, phones, or other electronic means of connecting or being entertained. Are you up for it? What will you accomplish without your electronic tether?

Go here for more details:


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