Butter (bean) your cookies, boy!


That’s butter your bacon, Bart. Those of you who get that quote, I know who you are. 😉

I never would have thought to increase the nutrition factor of a cookie with white beans. So when I saw
this recipe from the Happy Herbivore, I had to try it. The first time I made them, they took a little longer to cook than the recipe called for, but everyone in my family including all 3 kids liked them. They are not super sweet, more like a granola bar in some ways, but definitely good. And no one guessed there are beans in the cookies. And I haven’t told the kids. So if you tell my kids, you will have to deal with one angry mama.

I made the recipe again today but doubled the recipe and cooked them on a bar pan instead. This was a little simpler than scooping individual cookies, especially as the dough is pretty stiff. I had to adjust the cooking time but they came out just fine. I cut them into 24 squares before they totally cooled, and I lined the pan with parchment which made it very easy to remove the cookie bars. This time I also added about 1/2 cup chopped walnuts, and subbed stevia in the raw for the sugar. I’d like to try them again with shredded coconut, or with raisins and walnuts for more of an oatmeal cookie flavor.

Here’s my sous chef gathering the ingredients. He looks quite serious, and with all those kitchen implements I sure wouldn’t mess with him in a dark alley.
bean cookie ingredients

And here’s the final product. Yum!
bean cookie bars

The trickiest part of this recipe, for me, is not eating them all at once.


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    • sorry, I fixed the post. I am having trouble linking in wordpress–it only works if I put the whole address in, but not if I try and do the fancy “click here” bit. Don’t know why. but thanks for letting me know!

    • Jen, my kids ate them up and asked for more. But they are not super sweet, more like a granola bar than a cookie in terms of sweetness. If your kids don’t like them, you could increase the sugar to get them interested, then decrease it each time you make them.

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