Killing Bananas into Slime


Did that get your attention?

I had the pleasure of hanging with my smallest small one today, just the two of us.  I had plans to try out a few new recipes and it seemed like a good time.  Sometimes I prefer to cook by myself–I’m faster that way and things are done “my way.”  But I’m trying to make an effort to give up some of that control.  Ultimately, the time spent together and the opportunity to teach my little one to enjoy cooking are far more important than a recipe turning out “right.”  So today we killed bananas into slime.  His words, not mine. And that slime was a key ingredient in some very, very, very tasty coconut banana bread.

I used this recipe:

(PS go read her blog, she is a hoot.)

I used stevia in the raw (aka, scoopable, measures-like-sugar stevia product for baking). My personal jury on stevia is still out–I’ve read some things that make me question it’s use. But I figure as long as I am not consuming my weight in stevia daily like a lab rat, I’m probably ok, and it’s probably better for me than sugar. I did not have shredded coconut, I just had flaked unsweetened coconut, and it worked just fine.

I had bought a jar of coconut oil awhile ago, seemed like something the Pinterest Powers that Be told me I should purchase. But this is the first time I used it. Weird stuff. But it worked great. This cooked up into a breakfast bread/cake that is so moist with a little bit of a crunchy, cripsy crust. Yum. Hard to believe it doesn’t have any butter or eggs.

I’m including this handy ingredient picture. It is very important to have a sous chef. Preferably one who is cute, and one who’s ears stick out from his tocque. Did you know a chef’s hat is called a tocque? I did. My sous chef is particularly skilled at killing bananas into slime. And here’s a picture of the finished product. Minus one slice. Which is in my belly. Soon to be followed by more.
banana coconut bread ingredients

double coconut banana bread


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