Herding Kittens at 7am


No doubt you’ve heard the expression “like herding cats” to describe something pretty difficult to do.  Well, dealing with small children and trying to make it out the door on time in the morning is like herding kittens.  Sure they are cute and fuzzy and you want to stop and play with them, while at other times they scratch you, tear up your stuff, and pee on your floor, causing you to wonder what possessed you to bring home all these kittens.  But I digress.

Mornings are pretty heinous in my house.  I’m not really a morning person.  Left to my own devices, I would probably sleep until 8, spend at least an hour “warming up” to the day, and then head out to be a productive member of society.  But school and work schedules didn’t check with me first and as a result I am out the door with kiddos in tow by 7:40am (ok, it is often 7:45, but we’re working on that).  My hubs is extremely helpful but he has an even earlier work schedule and typically is gone while the rest of us are still in la-la-land.

Making mornings easier is high on my to-do list.  Today my youngest and I had some time at home alone and I was working on folding laundry.  My four-year-old is very particular about clothing.  This causes many, many meltdowns in the morning when favorite clothes are in the hamper.  I admit it, I on a few occasions have caved and let dirty clothing be worn (just slightly dirty!) in order to get us out the door.  I’m not proud of it, but it is reality.

Today we took a step to hopefully (knock on wood and cross fingers) make getting dressed a little easier.  Together we took five index cards and labeled them Monday through Friday.  He picked the colors and I wrote the words.  I tried to make it fun by having him say the words aloud with me and of course we sang the days of the week song.  Then we took the freshly folded laundry and he put a pair of pants, a top, and socks on each of the day cards.  Each stack went on top of his dresser.  The theory is he can wear one outfit each day, he’s already picked them out, and mornings will be slightly easier.  I’m not expecting Cinderella’s magic birds and mice to come dress him (wouldn’t that be nice?  Seriously?  Forget the pumpkin coach and the glass slippers!  I want those lady’s maid mice!).  But I’ll take any help I can get.

And I might have gone on about how this was such a great activity to teach words, colors, counting, days of the week… gag me.  Really.  I’m just looking for some domestic peace and tranquility at 7:15 in the morning.  Learning is clearly a secondary goal.

So how do you get out the door on time?  I’m open to more ideas!


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