Lemon Sponge


That sounds like a good name for a recipe.  Lemon sponge. Like a spongey cake soaked up with lemony goodness.  Great on a summer day, just tart enough to balance out barbecue.  But no, sorry, not a recipe.

For awhile I have tried to mostly use natural cleaners.  I would like to tell you that my conscious just can’t fathom the damage to the ozone layer from CFCs, petroleum, and other nasty chemicals.   And the damage to our own bodies.  But the truth is, I’m cheap.  We like to say frugal in my family, but you all know the truth, I said it, I’m cheap.  I’ve been cleaning with vinegar and water since way before being environmentally conscious was PC.  Who knew cheapskates like me cared so much for the environment?

But I’m also busy, and busy ruled out over cheap several years ago when we hired a cleaning service which brought with it all of it’s own cleaning products.  I walked into the bathroom one day to grab something while the shower was being cleaned, and honest to goodness I started having a coughing fit from the chemicals.  Yikes.  Maybe there really is something to all of this focus on living green.

Due to a variety of circumstances, we’ve recently put the cleaning service on hold.  One deciding factor for me was being “over” having to tell people (mostly small people) to pick up their clutter so that the house could be cleaned.  As a trial, we stopped the cleaning service about a month ago.  The hubs and I are doing a pretty good job of keeping up with household cleaning, and I have to say it is a relief to not have to ride the kids to make their rooms immaculate the night before the cleaners come.

Which brings me to lemon sponge.  I was wiping down the kitchen tonight and the build up of gunk on the glass cooktop was fighting a good battle against my washcloth.  I turned to the google-machine to find a good natural cleaner.  I found this helpful link:


Pour some baking soda into a bowl and mix in just enough liquid dish soap to make a paste.  Then, the genius part.  Cut a lemon in half.  Dunk the cut side of the lemon into the paste and use it like a sponge to apply and rub the paste into your cooktop.  My glass cooktop is now shiny.  I had to wipe it down liberally to get all the last bits of baking soda off, and the shine was improved by spraying the whole thing down with a rubbing alcohol/water blend and wiping it dry.  The lemon smells good and it was gentle on my hands, unlike that icky ceramic cooktop cleaning fluid.  And I used the leftover baking soda paste to wipe down my stainless steel sink.  Lemon sponge.  Now you know.


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  1. Fantastic cleaning idea! I’ve never heard of that before but I will definitely be trying that out! Would also love to hear about your other homemade, natural cleaning solutions. I never know how much vinegar in proportion to water, etc.

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